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Water Tower Woes (Pic of Issue)

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Okay, so I'm playing a tekkit server with my GF and we have a small issue. After much work and death, we are working on an infinite power source using a water tower. This has worked before when Tekkit 3 was released but it doesn't anymore, I'm wondering if this is due to a bug or an update. The set up is a tower: Five by five with the corners brought in, centered and raised off the ground by one is a batBox surrounded by four watermills, each with a bucket inside. I then proceed to fill the surrounding areas with water. I've only filled up two block heights with water but the first batBox isn't charging at all. This was a system I used to create infinite energy for a macerator, electric furnace, extractor, and compressor, and that's all I'm trying to get it to do now.Untitled-2.png

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