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Welcome To UnknownCraft

Connection Stuffz


Port(If you need it (You Don't(No Really you don't))):25565

Tekkit Version: 3.1.2

Uptime: 24/7 (except for updating and periodic restarts)

Slots: 15

Any Questions?

Post a question or send me an e-mail at:

We are a community of friendly Tekkit players

with a lot of experience with Tekkit and experience with running

servers before. We have a good sense of humor and wish to form a good, friendly community! We are planning to start having Build Competitions soon, so join now!



None!, we currently are GreyListing.

Banned Items:

  1. RM Furnace
  2. Transmutation tablet
  3. Zero and Ignition rings
  4. Tunnel Bore
  5. Nukes
  6. ITNT
  7. Evertide, Volcanite Amulet, and Catalytic Lens
  8. Mining Laser(Dear Laser i miss you so much)


  1. No Griefing
  2. Respect Others (The Golden Rule)
  3. No Foul Language, Occasional cursing is allowed but don't over use it
  4. Don't Spam, Face it it doesn't do much besides make people hate you
  5. Make mature buildings. Immature buildings (I.E. giant Genitalia) will be deleted WITHOUT notice
  6. Respect the Owner and Mods. They're here to have fun too.
  7. Its OK to steal from unlocked stuff. If someone left it unlocked they deserve to be stolen from
  8. Don't Pvp unless both people or parties agree to it. All stuff you lose when you die goes to the Victor.
  9. No Advertising for other servers!

Major plugins:

Grief Provention



LogBlock (patched to be able to track everything)










Awesome Spaaaaaace battle above SpawnTown, Building more on it every day!


The SpawnBox, from higher than the space battle drop into Spawn with flair!


Go Team Industry!!!


Come Join Us Today!

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pb wha is happining i was just kicked and now it is sayin tha i am not white listed on the server plz reply i love the server and this same is happeing for panda_king123 and me other mate tha has just joined called Bibbers98 plz can u add him to my town as well plz thx and plz inbox mee

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Seems like a nice server, though I've read through the first post and can't find anything that looks like an application (either on this forum or your posted one). Regardless I guess I'll just supply a bit of information?

IGN: Bolts05

Age: 22

Occupation: Medical Device Integration Specialist

Tekkit Experience: About a month.

As for why I'm joining, well, I guess I'm just looking for a good survival server? The only other server I've joined seemed a bit too polluted with creative mode garble. I prefer the idea of starting completely fresh from the ground up, with everyone working together to build one massive project with their bare hands.

That may not be possible on this server since it seems like you've already come a fairly long way, but I'd at least like to see how things go.

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