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Transmutation Tablet not working correctly

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First of all, I'm not sure whether to classify this as a bug or not because there are no direct errors, so sorry if I placed this in the wrong place.

My problem is that on the server I run, Transmutation Tablets stopped working correctly. They still accept items to burn into EE and you can still withdraw items, but you can't select them (by putting items in the center of the right circle). In addition, if I withdraw 1 item from the right side, it disappears and I can't take any more unless I close and reopen the tablet. If I withdraw enough EE to make lower level items available, they only appear if I reopen the GUI.

I'm not sure there was a reason for this to happen, I can't think of any major things that happened before this started malfunctioning.

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The lock is not the issue - Normally, when you withdraw an item from the tablet, if it has enough EMC, it will let you withdraw more. On my tablet, however, when I withdraw an item it leaves an empty space (even though it has plenty of EMC) and it will also not let me navigate through different items.

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