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Easy Tekkit Guide & Flow Chart/Tech Tree


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Hi everyone,

I'm sure someone here remembers the old days of having a tech tree for base building for the likes of Age Of Empires or Command & Conquer. Well I'm here to ask if there is such a thing for Tekkit? Tekkit can be really complicated and a tech tree or flow chart would be brilliant for newer people to this mod pack. I for one sometimes feel overwhelmed and wander off for a few days with no progress made. So if anyone has a resource they can share that would be very much apprecited.

Also is there any sort of guide for the mod pack... Something that isn't badly formatted. Two guides I have found so far were over 40 pages long and each page had no more than 9 lines of text and an image... Frustrating to read when it's not consistent.

If anyone has anything on either paragraph above you could really help me. I really like Tekkit and want to master it... Just need some sort of "assist" to get there!

Thanks :-)

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I don't think you need a tech tree to play tekkit, sure, it has a lot of mods, but after all, it's still minecraft, imagination and creativity is the key. The best thing to do would be watch tekkit tutorial videos, direwolf20's video is recommended. Then, you can check each mods' individual wikis, as it tells you what to do, some of them has a getting started guide.

Direwolf20's channel http://www.youtube.com/user/direwolf20

Must read wiki:

Industrial Craft http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/

BuildCraft http://minecraftbuildcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Minecraft_Buildcraft_Wiki

Equivlent exchange http://equivalentexchange.wikispaces.com/

Redpower http://equivalentexchange.wikispaces.com/

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Anyone else have any input too?

@DanielJin - thank you for your input. Do you feel that the achievements section in the menu of Tekkit is worth using as a point of reference? I look at it and it doesn't flow with the names of each machine. For example it doesn't say a Macerator is needed to get the "achievement get" message.

Also why does it say in Minecraft "achievement get"? It's kinda bad grammar anyway but i never found out why.

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Well its minecraft.

But yet the achievements are a good guide down the tech line. But there is the but that when you get an IC2 achievement the next time you load the world your achievements get reset.

Got something todo with loading the achievement file before all achievements are register or something like that.

A but apparently there is a fix for that


So happy achievement hunting !

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Good idea, achievements would be a good way to start, note there's several achievement boards, including the normal minecraft, IC2, and redpower. For other mods, I guess you just need to figure it out.

Besides that, I really don't know why it's "achievement get", do you have a better way to express it?

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What you mean what to build first?

If so then what I do once I've mined and gathered rubber is start with ic2 getting a couple of macerators, electric furnaces and an extractor and compressor

When I've done I'd set up a nice system with build craft pipes to automate macerating and smelting

Then I'd make a condenser and then a quarry

From that point it always varies with me but that's basically my starter setup evertime

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Mh i usually work like this:

  1. Build a hovel
  2. Make a furnace and a crafting bench
  3. get 1 iron pick
  4. Mine until redstone
  5. collect resin,rubber wood and rubber sapling
  6. build a generator and macerator and extractor (triples your resin -> rubber conversion)
  7. Build everything you like
  8. make a giant hole with 8 nukes
  9. fin
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Depends what you're looking for but I myself don't use seeds I just look around and build where I see fit. If you want flat land then use the flatifcator thingy with a buildcraft filler and it'll do as the name implies. If you want a large forest then you can use the ic2 terraformer, slow but effective.

For seeds though I'd just look online

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When I started, I just decided what I wanted to build then used the NEI interface to figure out how to craft and dug all the way down to how to craft every item required to craft what I wanted.

Like Moogle stated, one of the great things of Tekkit/Technic is exploration not only in the world, but within the technology of it.

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Problem is that mods come and go in the pack, so the tech tree would look more like a hacked and mangled tech vine. Also add to the fact that there's very few cross-dependencies between mods and you get a lot of separate tech-mangled-dying-vine-brambles.

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