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[1.2.9g]Battenburg![PvE][10 slots][Whitelist] - Looking for a small community


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Server Address: battenburg-vipu7v40.cloudapp.net

This will be a small, community based server - looking for mature players only.

EU Based - No Banned Items - No Disabled Mods - Dedicated 24/7

Chunk Loading Enabled / All Features Enabled - Dedicated Server

Please reply below with the following information if you're interested in joining:

Reason you want to join:

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Age: 16
IGN: cloudust
Reason you want to join: I've been looking for a server to join for a while. None of them have the things I want as some have 'No banned Items' but instead 'Disabled Items' Some of them prevent things like "No chunk loaders in the over world" Or stuff like that. I think this would be a great small server to join, one with people you can trust instead of a bunch of random people, who will stab you in the back when they get the chance.

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AGE : 16
IGN : DeRock_
Reason : I got some free time and have no one to play minecraft with atm  :/

IGN: Jbob88


Reason: i want to play on something new and i haven't found anything yet, and i want a small community. 

You have both been whitelisted :)


It still doesn't work. I tried on Tekkit Classic and Tekkit Legends. Still nothing.

it's nether Tekkit Classic or Tekkit Legends, it's just normal Tekkit.

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Age: 16

IGN: sniper215822

Reason you want to join: I honestly love tekkit and i wanted to make my own server but could not figure out how. I prefer to be a part of a small community that just wants to play the game and not be in a big public server that is all about griefing.

Age: 15
IGN: BluToxin
Reason you want to join: My friend cloudust invited me to play and said it was a really cool server

I have added you both to the whitelist :)

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IGN: iiSergio
Reason you want to join: been looking for a small server, have a lot of free time after work. would like to start playing minecraft again

Same reason as me! whitelisted :)

Can a girlfriend of mine play with us Haematite? Her nickname is SamuelAnton [It's her brothers account :P]

Of course, added :)

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