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  1. was wondering if my friend can join his ign is william6983 same age as me.
  2. Age:21IGN: iiSergioReason you want to join: been looking for a small server, have a lot of free time after work. would like to start playing minecraft again
  3. i can bring a friendly attitude to your server also, help others who are new to tekkit. also isnt better to play with a couple good people who some what know what they are doing
  4. Ign: SiegeSergio hey i would like to join your server, i have been looking for a small server to join and build with others.
  5. Hey i wouldn't mind being a part of your new server. ign: SiegeSergio i am 19 years old from U.S (California) Message me if you have any more Questions. ty
  6. Age: 19 IGN: SiegeSergio Skype: iiSergio Youtube Channel (If you have one): N/A how often will you play on the server? Everyday for about 2-4 hours. are you willing to play fair? Yes i am will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds?Of course
  7. Name: Sergio IGN: SiegeSergio Age:19 Skype: Yes i have skype Hours dedicate for minecraft: per day i would say im at least on for 3 hours or so.
  8. IGN: SiegeSergio Experience in Hexxit: Not much maybe a days worth Are you a PvP or PvE player?: PvE
  9. Age: 18 Gender: Male IGN: SiegeSergio Skype? Yes. iiSergio Maturity: 7-8 Humor: lol? depends i guess ill say maybe 4? Dedication and how often you can play: almost everyday Any other info: hmm just ask if you want to know anything else.