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How to install tekkit on beastnode?


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Not using them (I use minecraftserver.net) but I have multicraft, the simple way to do that is request a custom jar access, drag and drop everything from the server.zip file you got from the tekkit server download page to your root server folder end also in the jar folder, then you should be able to run it from there, if you don't have custom jar access, just rename the tekkit.jar to bukkit.jar usually that does the trick.

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Hello i just bought beastnode but i don't know how to install Tekkit i am using Multicraft Panel and theres no tutorial for it please help

1. Download the Tekkit server 3.1.2 and unzip it.

2. Grab an FTP client and connect to your server. (There are instructions on how to do this on the beastnode support site and even a recommended FTP client. You can get your FTP connect info in the Multicraft CP under Your Server > Files > FTP File Access.)

3. Upload all the unzipped files and folder to the root of your server. (You can skip uploading launch.bat and launch.sh, you won't need them.)

4. Create a "jar" folder in the root of your server.

5. Move Tekkit.jar into the jar folder.

6. Close the FTP client.

7. Log into the Multicraft Panel for your server.

8. Open your server in the cp.

9. Save-all and stop the server, if it's running.

9. Under "JAR file" type Tekkit.jar, click Save.

10. Start the server.

I use BeastNode as my host also but it's been a few weeks since I set mine up so I think this is all the steps. Check the console for error messages after you start it up. You will want to create a new map to get access to all the new ores and gemstones in Tekkit (unless you have an existing Tekkit-created map). If this doesn't work or you need more help you may need to submit a ticket to BeastNode. You can post questions here but I don't frequent these forums so I may not respond.

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i need help plz someone !!! add me on skype:jarren1231

Did you try what I posted above? What step didn't work or what errors are you getting? If you want help, you should be much more specific about what problems you are having. Yelling "i need help plz" with step-by-step instructions in the post before yours will most likely get you ignored by most people...

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