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How do I disable all forms of built in chest protection in tekkit?


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Running a pvp server I personally I like having the choice of adding chest protection to my server or not but a lot of mods seem to come with it built in.

So I was wondering how to disabled these various forms of chest protection that comes in tekkit.

The ones I found so far would be:

EE alchemy bags (disabled already)

the "ender bags" and all ender chests

IC personal safe.

How would I go about disabling these and are there any more types of chest protection in tekkit that I forgot to mention?

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Yeah ^ Ender chests are not protected.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can suck stuff out of a personal safe with a filter/transposer...

A 3-thick, block cutter upgraded force field, however, in tube shape + ceiling, with no way to turn it off other than having your /home set inside, might be pretty safe...

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