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[3.1.2] Solus Gaming Tekkit [100 Slots] [Open] [CC + WR Temp. Disabled] Only 24/7 Australian Server!


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What is better than having a Minecraft server that is Australian? A Minecraft server that has an amazing sense of community and interaction. We have Aussies, Americans and even some Kiwi's (New Zealanders for those who don't know) a really eclectic mix which rolls into very interesting chats.


PVP! come one, this one does hit people hard sometimes when choosing a server but don't fear! SolusGaming-Tekkit has PVP but it is well moderated and doesn't occur often. If you feel like PvP'ing go for it but if our don't well that is alright as well! its a place for all play styles and to go crazy with.


"I'm just building la la laa, *log off for a day* WTF! EVERYTHING IS RUINED!" is what you would say if we didn't have a good team of mods and admins to help clear and roll back grief affected areas. We have Area Protection to help prevent griefing, but if it happens just ask a kind mod or admin.



We have no mods disabled at all! So have fun playing pure Tekkit hosted in Australia. We are providing you lag free fun for all Australian players, and Oceania players!


DONATE! DONATE DONATE! We don't force anyone to donate to become white listed, the server is free to join. We have selected a ranking system that gives special perks for when someone donates a certain amount of money. (list can be found on our website) Donating helps keep us alive! But it is a personal choice to donate or not. WE NEVER FORCE YOU TO DONATE!


We have a great selection of plugins to make your experience even better.

Cheese A custom plugin that allows you to heal all your hunger by clicking a cheese block.

GriefPrevention Don't you hate griefing? You can protect up to an 80x80 area from griefers!

DisguiseCraft Feel like being a mob and scaring your friends? You can donate to disguse as mobs!

Essentials Many useful commands for you to use on the server.



Our server rules are here to make your experience with us even better, so if you don't break them there won't be any problems.

  • Respect Other Players.
  • Never release personal details.
  • Staff Decisions Are Final.
  • No Spamming/Advertising.
  • No Griefing.
  • No Hacking/Glitching.
  • No Exploiting Bugs/Glitches.


We have a small selection of banned items to prevent server grief or glitches/bugs.

  • TNT, Industrial TMT & Nukes
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • Nova Catalyst
  • Nova Cataclysm
  • Hyper-Kinetic Lens
  • RM Furnace
  • Mercurial Eye
  • Abyss Helmet
  • Infernal Armor
  • Mining Laser
  • Dynamite
  • Cannons
  • All Amulets
  • All Rings (Donators are allowed the SwiftWolf Ring)
  • Red Matter Tools (Excluding Sword, Shears and Pickaxe)
  • Dark Matter Tools (Excluding Sword, Shears and Pickaxe)
  • Red Matter Katar
  • Red Morningstar
  • The Watch of Flowing Time
  • World Anchors
  • Dimensional Anchors



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Just making sure that this is indeed an OPEN server and not a whitelist? The donation paragraph confuses me. I am also old as hell so that might have something to do with it.

Open server hosted in Australia with no whitelist. The server ad was created by a guy studying visual communications at university, sorry if it confused you.

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Name: MetalHeadzzz



Info About Yourself: I am creative and have had a lot of experience with tekkit. I create things that look appealing to the public

Past Experiences: Like I said before I have had a lot of experience with tekkit and I have been mod/op on a lot of other servers

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Name: ramtastic (IGN:ramtastic500)


Country:United Kingdom

Info About Yourself: I'm male, I enjoy playing many games on my pc but I seem to play tekkit the most. I own both a steam and a skype if needed.

Past Experiences: I am very experienced with playing tekkit and I was also a admin of a small vanilla minecraft server a few months back but I had to leave due to the server crashing every few minutes for reasons unknown.

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Dude why the actual fuck is redstone banned? This server seems indeed shitty

It is not redstone which is banned. A few Red Matter tools are banned due to reasons I do not know, most likely because they cause lag which to be honest is worth banning for a better experience. So please do not list to ShoopBoi because so far he has seemed to have caused much trouble.

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Age: 17

Country: Malaysia

Info About Yourself: Male, laid-back, knows the mods in detail, on most of the time, easily contactable, I use proper grammar (lol).

Past Experiences: Not on a Minecraft server. Ex-administrator of a game fansite. Other than that, nope.

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hi today i just joined and was adventuring and got killed by a hacker

i nice guy called alex gave me rm armor.

i guy called spindlychili told me that he wanted to trade quantum armor for rm armor so i agreed

after we finally met he said that brutal honey would be trading with me so he came and i took of my rm to trade with brutal and he attacked me with a nano saber and killed me and refused to give back my stuff. btw brutal attacked me and not spindlychili

as i said we had a deal and broke it and also this is breaking the first rule being respect other players.

i hope further action will be taken upon view

thank you for you attention.

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if you are still taking applications i would like to apply

Name: funstuffy


Country: Australia

Info About Yourself: I am a fast typer, top of my class at almost everything and a good problem solver.

Past Experiences: I have played minecraft for about 2 years and tekkit since it came out so i know a bit about machines. I have donated on the survival server.

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