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Automated Milk Factory (Contain your bovines)


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Hello you beautiful people :D

I decided to experiment with Tekkit by utilising the higher EMC of milk buckets as compared to empty ones. I also hate cows.

There'll be a few other interesting ideas I'll be experimenting with and adding to the map. From now on, I'll likely be doing Build-a-longs, and finish with a demo much like the video you're watching.

Let me know what you think :) x

Edit: Apologies if this should have gone in the Let's Play section!

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Love the video.

nice voice which i always like in a commentator

lovely simple intro

you might of earned a sub :P

but some questions

1. What FPS you get?

2. Think you could do lets play would be quit nice. i enjoy'd just this :)

if you did do lets play i'd probably sub.

Really like the milk farm but its a bit extreme and could make it more compact quite easier.

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