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  1. Don't we go over this very same topic every couple of weeks... As has been said many times before, you can hook up an ME interface with two chassis pipes. One to handle the AE>LP modules, and the other for the LP>AE modules. If people still can't understand how it's done just search for the previous threads on this topic, there are links to youtube videos handholding you through the setup process... [edit] : For those that don't know how to search.
  2. The Yogbox switched over to the FTB launcher.
  3. I have much of my farm produce going into DSUs, then a mini logistics setup keeps the bioreactor supplied with a ~stack of each input item.
  4. And how freaking hard is it to go into the config and change the default harvester search distance? And even on servers with default settings, a series of harvesters can be used to get a lot of materials from a redwood tree farm.
  5. You can use the interface as a bridge between the ME drives and a logistics pipe network hooked up to the pulverizers/furnaces. The logistics pipes will pull raw materials from the ME drive whenever the processing machines have space for it. That way you can set the pulverizer as the default route for ores, furnaces for dusts, and the ME drives as the default route for ingots. As raw mats enter the system from the quarries they get routed and processed as soon as possible. This system also allows me to use my remote orderer and ender pouch to access anything in my home network from anywhere in the game world.
  6. The planters and harvesters can be upgraded to plant/harvest in a larger area as well.
  7. I thought Galacticraft only put that on other worlds, not the overworld. Were you on the overworld when you found it?
  8. By adding Thaumcraft to tekkit you can have large golem powered energy farms. Golems treat MFR's bio-reactor as a valid inventory, so you can have large fields of potatoes/carrots with the harvested product going straight into the reactors for large amounts of biofuel. Or with an additional step you can have pumpkins/melons/cactus/wheat broken down, then fed into the reactor by golems. My bio-reactors produce enough fuel to power multiple bio-generators.
  9. Compressed blocks mod compresses cobblestone plus ~250 other mod and vanilla blocks, and allows for compressed fuel blocks that work as fuel. I don't see a use for this single use mod.
  10. I haven't used the old farms since switching over to golem power for growing crops. And since pumpkin juice/melon juice gives the same fermenter bonus as apple juice, I haven't needed apples in a long time.
  11. If I hadn't of turned off the pumps they would have kept swapping air blocks for lava blocks within the loaded chunks. The lava level within the quarry is ~3 or 4 levels higher than the grates the pumps are attached to, so the pumps don't just fill up to grate level.
  12. Have you seen Florastar's PAX video that she recently posted on her youtube channel? It's short, but shows her, Direwolf, Slowpoke, Slowpoke's girlfriend, Morvelaira, Morvelaira's husband, Tahg, LexManos, KingLemming, and other FTBers at their pub get together. Quarries full of lava are fun. Just don't get them to close to wooden buildings. Also make sure they don't leak into nearby ravines/mineshafts. My quarry dug into a dungeon, but the corner of the dungeon ended up intersecting a mineshaft complex that also connected to a ravine... And the northern corner of the ravine opened up in a swamp. In my next world I may connect several quarries around my base and fill them with lava to make a super sized lava moat. Or use PfF's pumpkin/melon/carrot/potato juices to make a massive veggie juice lake.
  13. During the first days of release he posted that all online games have opening day problems, and that this game would be worth the wait. I don't think he's said much since...
  14. SimCity players report new bugs with patch 2.0 Screaming trees are always fun.
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