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Slow and buggy quarry(s) Need help!


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Hi people, I'm new here so I hope I do everything correctly.

I'm using the latest version of tekkit/server software. I'm running the game and connecting via localhost to my server.

I have set up two buildcraft quarrys (of default size) and connected them to a combustion engine farm via conductive pipes. I've used buildcraft for some time and I'm aware of how to sort this kind of thing out in single player.

However, in multiplayer each quarry operates VERY slowly despite the engines being on green/watered/fueled and so on. I had some trouble getting a very large quarry working in a similar way too. The mine-head moves ONE block, then pauses for about 7-8 seconds before moving again, the blocks in the chest connected to the system reflects this sort of "speed" of mining.

The game is not lagging at all, the f3 graph shows green/low, and FPS is at 120+

There is more than enough power for the two quarries, and I've even tried disconnecting one from the system but same result.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

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