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Tekkit missing mods help

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I have a multiplay server that is currently running the latest release of tekkit (2.1.1 if I am correct) and I have opened the launcher in "tekkit mode" and all is well until I actually try and log on to the server which, when I do so will not let me log on and instead says that I am missing the following mods (i'l write them as it writes them) :

mod_IC2 v1.71

mod_CCTurtle 1.3

mod_ComputerCraft 1.3


mod_CompactSolars 1.2

mod_Railcraft 3.4.2

mod_IC2_ChargingBench 1.71-1

mod_DoorFix 1.1.0

I figured that if I gave all the information that it would be easier for you clever people to help, and on a side note, my ssp technic pack works perfectly.

Help would be greatly appreciated please :-)

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The problem is that your client is using Tekkit 2.0, not Tekkit 2.1. (Could see from missing ComputerCraft v1.3 and Turtle)

In the launcher, go to "Options" and then select "Always use development builds".

When Tekkit 2.1 is made the default, you can switch back to recommended builds.

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i'm having this same problem but the mods that i'm "missing" are


mod_IC2 v1.70

mod_railcraftFactory 3.3.1

mod_railcraftBuildcraft 3.3.1

mod_railcraftAutomation 3.3.1

mod_railcraftExtras 3.3.1

mod_railcraftInfrastructure 3.3.1

mod_railcraftIC2 3.3.1

mod_railcraftRails 3.3.1

mod_railcraftCore 3.3.1

yet the server hasnt changed since yesterday, nor has anything I have done, i did update recently but that what just the tekkit update

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I have the same problem. Updated the launcher and got the same list of missing mods.

Changing it to development built in options doesn't work either

Please help, my other two friends on our server are having the same problem...

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If the server was not updated, the client is choosing the most recent rec build, which has changed. So pick the previous build, not the next build. Or more specifically, find out exactly what build your server is running and then choose that client from the list.

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