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Refinery and Energy Links


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I want to run an oil refinery at the most possible speed.

These Combustion Bombs (which blew up my last refinery) are no option.

So i want to run the refinery with MFSUs and Energy Links.

But how many "MFSU->Energy Link" inputs is the refinery able to deal with?

I can connect 4 Links to one refinery but how many make sense?




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From memeory...

An energy link will either conver enough energy to run at full speed if on a machine, or to fill a pipe if connected to a pipe.

The end result most of the time is it will convert as much as you throw at it.

For full speed, one of a batbox should work if I recall the conversion rates and MJ usage of one right., with a little left over wasted if you use a pipe..

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