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[3.1.2] Technocracy [PvE/No PvP][52 slots][Greylist][(free)Towny][No EE] By AltTabGamers.com


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Server Address:


To join just post about about yourself here, and join ingame and type /rules!


Must give some forewarning, as some people login go "where is all the players?" and leave.

We are looking to get our population back up after the bukkit to tekkit move. We lost quite a few casual players. So the population is mainly made up of a handful but loyal long time players scattered across many timezones and playtimes. Hopefully that will change as we get more people.


About us and the server:

Tekkit.pngAfter being around 3+ years running a bukkit (and formerly hmod) server we have decided to go the way of tekkit and sadly lost some players in the transition.. and ready to make new friends!

We have just had a recent map reset after getting it all up and ready. This is a 24/7 dedicated server.

Tekkit.pngWe never had, and never will, require donations for ranks or powers. That only encourages people to 'pay' for what they get out of it..not because they want to donate. In that regard the server is totally free. Play a day, or a year..you will never be required or asked to donate.

Tekkit.png Griefing or 'testing the grey area of the rules to annoy others' is not tolerated. Our loyal members enjoyment is the basis of the server. There is 1000's of servers out there, which means someone causing problems on ours, we have no problem making them find a new server to play on.

Tekkit.pngWe have always tried to stick with a mature playerbase. We don't worry about being a 'most popular' server. we go for quality over quantity. To be a server that adults enjoy playing on, but also mature enough that if you have children of your own, you feel comfortable with letting them play alone with the other members.

At the end of the day, we rather have 50 players that work and play well together, than 500 that make for a hectic, chaotic play experience..

If you can get along well with a 25+ aged crowd, and not be seen as immature, you are more than welcome to join!

Tekkit.pngThis is a server where the players are mature and friendly, every block is worked for, not even mods or admin uses /give or any powers to build creations, we only use our powers in situations that call for them, restoring grieved blocks, fixing bugged areas, investigating problem users and taking appropriate actions etc.

We truly believe that everyone should mine/earn what they have regardless of rank.

Everything you see was mined and built one block at a time.

We strive to make the community and playtime enjoyable for our players.

Tekkit.pngThis is a "Greylist" server. It is open to everyone. but Guests have no build rights until promoted to Trial.


What type of people we are looking for:

Mature players that get along well, learn to leave attitude at the door, and can play in a laid back, friendly environment.


Mods that are disabled:


Items that are disabled:

Mass Fabricator, Mining Laser, Scrap Boxes, Turtles, Nukes

World rules:

PvP is off. Map Size 8000x8000 plenty of room to roam!

Main Plugins:

LWC, Towny, PEX, Essentials, World Guard

Custom Plugins:

DXChests : Does random hidden chests

DXSeasons : its the season bonus, and the zombie full moon

DXRoads : endstone under roads in town makes you run faster

Other Plugins:

Dynmap, Nethrar, World Guard, World Border


Think SimCity 4/Sims 2-3/Populous...ect.

Houses/Cities that are slowly created by members, something they take pride in building and showing to other players.

Or smaller quiet out of the way villages for people that want to be more secluded but still have protection. You can even live ‘In the wild’, as a lone wolf, but also NO protection so hide your valuables well. As LWC doesn’t work in the 'wild'.

We are working for a "simulation" server of sorts, we have villages, a main hub, global and personal 24/7 markets..Slowly grow from nothing to a huge city to be proud of!

It’s all about building "Cities, Factory Towns, and Villages" by the members of them, working slowly to dig/build/create the cities they can be proud of and call their own, from scratch.

a few screenshots, not much to show yet, as its a fresh map, but figured I could toss in some of what we have so far:


Spawn area:




Spawn Shops for buying/Selling:



A few shots of random towns being built:


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Hey this sounds exactly like what I'm looking for and I would like to join.

Age: 15

Country: United States of America

Username: MLDnumnum

Reason: I have always found most "Mature" server's full of people acting like 5 year old's and I prefer to be in a community where everyone works to make a sound playing environment. I also enjoy promoting servers that I like, so you get a promotion benefit :D

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My interest stems from the pictures and server name; I get the impression that at least some of you are into redstone, redpower, computercraft, etc.

I've recently begun delving into that stuff myself, so it'd be nice to have people around who have experience with it.

P.S. What do PEX and Essentials do?

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IGN: Puppyblood

Age: 42

Country: US

Timezone: Hawaii (GMT -10)

Ever banned?: No

Reason for joining: The list of disabled mods. I like to build, but get disheartened when everyone else is simply racing to get the flying ring and that Redmatter MorningStar or whatnot and really doesn't care about anything else. I don't even like quarries .. but hey, if that's the only thing. I like t o create machines with redstone in vanilla and want to go for the next level with tekkit.

caveat: I work on ships and thus will not be able to be on continuously. I intend to go back to work in about 3 weeks and will be gone for 2 months. I have no problems of leaving everything behind. Donating it to the town I'm in, or simply work for someone without ever even "owning" anything to begin with. If this is not acceptable, I understand.


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If you come join, and you're going to be gone a while PuppyBlood, Just let us know..the 14 days is only for if we dont know your coming back. We can keep your town up as long as needed.

I travel for work too, as well some of our members..so we completely understand being gone for stretches at a time.

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ign: Aparkhurst

gender: M

age: 23

from: California (PST)

previously banned: never

Reasons and motivations: I have been having a poor experience with open servers and grief. EE being disabled is a huge draw for me, and I have great interest in peacefully coexisting and building with others. I've already conquered most of buildcraft/ic2 and intend to flesh out my red power skills.

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Hello, IGN:Ollie121m

Gender: Male

Age: 16

From: Manchester England

Prev Banned: Never

Reasons: I really want to join this server, because it just looks quality, im soon looking to open up a youtube account and start a tekkit series. Most people my age are very inmature on this game, i just want to play tekkit with some new guys, maybe even make some new friend. Hope you let me join thanks

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Hey, IGN is ZSurvivalist.

I am a male, 16, and from Wisconsin, USA. I want to join this server because I know what a public server is like considering the amount of griefing that happens ruins the game. I also like PvP and PvE, but I perfer PvE because I have less worries and I can at least cooperate with others. I have quite a bit of Technic and Tekkit experience.

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