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Permissions with Server


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Hey everyone,

I have recently downloaded Tekkit Server, just for me and my mates to play on, and I'm having a large issue with permissions. The server is currently 'setup' via Hamachi. When I went onto the server I was unable to give permissions out nor was I an Admin on a server in which I created.

After approximately 3-ish hours of forums, Questions and Answers pages, chats, google I was unable to find an answer to this issue. Can anyone help me?

Any help would be appreciated, so please correct me if my personal 'noobness' level has gone into overload

-Blue :P

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If someone could.could u plese write me some tekkit permissions for i have the names and i have tried dont call me a n00b i looked on you tube even found a website where u can do ur permissions automatically by putting in names but still didnt work here are the ranks i want you to do they are from bottom to top:Guest(Make it the default),Plumber,Electrician,Scientist,Proffesor,Moderator,Guardian,Admin,Owner.do the colours yourself but make them good if u could thx guys -Aid

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I downloaded tekkit server 3.1.3 off technicpack.net and it clearly came with a permissions plugin as it has permissions.yml in the folder but I do not know which one it is. can someone help?

A) Tacking this onto someone elses post probably isn't the proper way and B) that would be the standard bukkit permissions file... I do not think many people use that actually... Most people opt for Group Manager or PEX

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