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  1. This is how it started for me; the $60 plan at NFO Servers. Prior to Minecraft I had no experience at all with unmanaged servers or what you could do with a nice fat pipe. Now that I have it, I'd find myself at a loss without something like this doing the things I do.
  2. It's a hobby for some people, so dropping a hundred or two per month is justifiable. I don't drink or do other "guy" stuff; I'm more on the Big Bang Theory character wavelength. $285 per month to have a dedicated machine to do whatever I want (not exclusive to Minecraft) is reasonable in comparison to other vices or hobbies. When I ran a smaller VPS, I was covering my costs easily with monthly donator privileges.
  3. Donations are optional, but most servers "gift" something back to the user in return for a donation. Some servers even do it correctly.
  4. Alright, then the question you should be asking yourself is this: "How am I better than these guys?" Look through their threads, identify what makes each of them unique and think about how you can incorporate the spirit of their ideas into something you can call your own. Without even having to look at anything other than the titles I see servers offering RPG elements, server back-story, building themes and mock governments. Everyone and anyone can make a server that's "free of griefing". Minecraft servers (and Tekkit servers, to a lesser extent) are a dime a dozen - any 11 year old wit
  5. What are you offering on your server that sets it apart from everyone else?
  6. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tekkit-restrict/
  7. How long is it between when you open the server and then decide you've failed? Are you staying active in Minecraft related communities? How many slots is your server? How often are you on? Do you have methods in place that prevent or discourage griefing?
  8. So start with the 59.99 plan. If that's all it's running, you can host plenty of people. I had 20 to 30 online at a time running vanilla - that was before version 1 when performance enhancements were made. If saving the extra couple of bucks is really worth the time spent policing your server to that degree, by all means keep running it from your house.
  9. Dictatorship for both. Daddy knows best.
  10. The second bit is just because the ambient noise mod is outdated, you can ignore that. Not sure about the first part though. If it works for Vanilla and not Tekkit I'm at a loss unless it's using a different port.
  11. Super Mario 3 Super Mario World Super Smash Bros. Aww yea
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