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Energy link not working in SMP


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I'm usiing an energy link to power a quarry in this configuration:

Solar panels > MFSU > MV transformer > LV transformer > Energy Link > Wooden conductive pipe > Gold conductive pipe > Quarry.

However there is no blue line running through the buildcraft pipes and the quarry is not being powered. I am using glass fibre cables but I thought they might be going a bit far so I set up the energy link in the same configuration closer to the MFSU and still nothing. The MFSU and transformers are set up correctly because my IC2 machines are running perfectly off of them.

Forestry is installed on this server and I have the same problem with electrical engines. I connect them to the glass fibre cable (without energy link) but they get no power.

I have tested both the energy link and electrical engines on SSP and they work fine.

I thought maybe that the version of Forestry wasn't compatible with the versions of IC2 and Buildcraft the server is running, but I dismissed this as the Forestry ores are compatible with IC2 crafting recipies and are recognized by macerators as their IC2 couterparts.

Please help.

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I had that trouble last night trying to run a quarry SMP, could not get any blue line or quarry to start from energy converter connected to a charged MFS that I had previously to power refinery and pump at another location and 2 refineries at this location. I thought maybe you had to put the energy link directly on the quarry, because I had seen a video of a quarry powered directly with steam engines mounted on it, but that did not work.

I guess I had forgotten that someone mentioned that you need to use conductive wood pipe at the energy converter outlet and then stone (not cobblestone) conductive pipe to the quarry. It did NOT work when I used wood and then gold conductive pipe.

Actually you do not even need a transformer, you can connect MFS outlet directly to energy converter with glass cable. That and solar arrays make a good portable quarry with enough reserve to get through the night and rainy/snowy weather once charged.

So it works MFSU > Energy Link > wood conductive pipe > stone conductive pipe > Quarry

PS: Once you have the wood and stone conductive pipe, you can extend it with gold conductive pipe. Once I had one quarry running, I extended the power with gold pipe to a 2nd next to it.

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Does the Quarry work when powered directly using BC engines?

If the Quarry does not have permission to destroy blocks in SMP, then that's one reason why you wouldn't see the blue line of power going to the Quarry, because it's not running.

What is the distance from the Energy Link to the Quarry and using what type of conductive pipes?

What is the distance from the MFSU to the Energy Link?

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Check to see if your Energy link isn't receiving a redstone current. I'm pretty sure an Energy link can take any amount of EU, so you don't need the transformers. And you don't need stone conductive pipes, gold works just as well without the stone. Although the wooden conductive has to be connected to the Energy link. Also, check the MFSU to see if you've accidentally stopped it from outputting energy. Also, if you're playing on someone elses server, quarries may be banned.

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Same sort of thing for me, I'm on my own private server, Mine is set up like this

MFSU-> Glass Fibre cable-> Energy Link-> Wooden Conductive pipe-> Stone Conductive pipe -> Power teleport pipe-> Stone conductive pipe-> Quarry

My quarry is a bit away from my base so I have space to expand, Ok my problem The blue line gets to the quarry pretty strong but the quarry doesn't start shaping its frames D: If there is some sort of default to stop energy link then you tell me how to fix it? (By the way, I have done a couple with engines but I saw a YouTube video on how fast it is to use energy links.

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