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Tekkit server prevents 'idle'

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I was wondering if there was an argument to put into tekkit that does not prevent my computer from automatically going to sleep.

Background: I was able to setup a minecraft server fine under linux in which any user can remotely wake up the computer but the computer will go back to sleep after 2 hours.

When I went to make the same setup in windows XP tekkit server prevents the computer from idling so it wont go to sleep.

I am using the current version of tekkit and launching it via a shortcut to the jar with arguments specifying the cashe size. I know this is supposed to be a feature but in this case it is a hinderance. The only reason I want to switch to windows is that there are a few games I bought on steam that I want to play while I keep the sever up.

Thank you any one that replys

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Unfortunately Teraku, yes it was/is that hard, because you didn't read carefully.

He wants his computer to go to sleep, but Tekkit won't let it.

(I have no solution either, I'm afraid - aside from a dualboot environment where you have Linux to run your server but can boot into Windows to play games.)

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