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Nether portals acting... weird


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Heyah guys, I'm playing a private server with a group of 5 friends, and we're running into an issue with the nether portals...

for whatever reason if i make a portal in my area, (2 - 3 biomes away), and enter it, it pops up a portal in another location than where it should show up in the nether, and the exit point is in another location.

so i can make a portal at point A

and it exits at point B in the nether

but instead of taking me back to point A in the overworld, it makes another portal at point H in some random location.

.... what gives ?

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erm we're not trying to set up a portal hub, basically we're 5 people far apart, each wanting our own portal in and out of the neter.

but for some reason when i make a portal, and go in, and go out the EXACT same portal, it puts me in a NEW portal somewhere else in the overworld.

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That is not uncommon at all since way back in minecraft beta. The nether portal was the nearest suitable place in the nether for your overland portal, and the overland portal that led to was the nearest suitable overland portal to the nether portal. If you want to go to your overland portal from the nether, figure out overland portal X and Z coordinates, divide those by 8 and put a nether portal there. That is what I did when I got lost in the nether in one game and it worked.

I have not paid attention to how much the Y coordinate matters. But at least for X and Z, 1 nether block (1 meter) equals 8 overland blocks or meters.

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Portal A            Portal C

                    is where

|                you end up

|                        ^

V                        |


XXXXXXXX    Portal B goes

XXXXXXXX    here instead.



area in

nether is full

of rock and

portal can't go

there, so...

You solve it by digging out an area in the nether where that rock is, so it has enough air space to support a portal. Then go throw some dynamite in portals A and B, and re-make portal A, and it should take you to the area you cleared out, which will then link back to A as expected.

To determine where to dig, you need to calculate the corresponding location in the world compared to the expanded space of the nether. Which may require some tirgonometry.

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