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Circuit box/Integrator


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Device with a large UI grid which allows you to place various logic circuits together in a condensed space.

Gates can be placed on the grid and rotated.

Lines can be made to connect the gates in different ways.

Color coded nodes can be placed on the grid, and will receive or output to the corresponding wire in a bundle.

The device can be given a name which prints on the surface so as to explain its function at a glance.

The device would take up an entire block, and can be directly connected to jacketed and standard cable from any side

Entire circuits could be condensed into one of these, for example, a 7 segment decoder

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While an interesting idea, I do believe that's exactly what RP computers were added to do.

And you can do it with CC computers as well, since they interface with bundled cable.

Aw get off it,

it's waaaay more satisfying to manually build your logic.

I have 64 bytes of memory under my house.

I want to create a graphics package with RedPower lamps. :D

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I have no idea how to program a computer, but I could manage wiring logic circuits together since it's a bit more visual.

It would be best if you still needed to make the logic gate slabs, but they could be placed in this device.

What kind of crafting cost should such a thing have, though?

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I recall a mod called "CraftBook" being able to do this via a computer block with a 10x10 gui that you just drop in dust, torches, and repeaters as if you were building a logic diagram.

But it's been a long while so I may be wrong about the name.

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