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Teleport Pipes?

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Are they broken? I can't pump oil - even if I use world anchors at both sides of the process.

I've tried using the default frequency, setting both sides to receive, tried two different frequencies at both sides (i.e. I've done 0, 64, and 32 on both ends to no success)

What am I missing? The pipes never say anything other than "Connected Pipes: 0" and my collection tank never fills up with oil.

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Not sure where I saw that, but I think there is a 150 block limit, because if I go past that I get 0 connected pipes, even when using teleport tethers.

I was able to pump over 300 meters by doing Tank > wireless receiver to redstone engine on wood pipe > 20+ meters gold pipe > teleport pipe (under 150 meters to) teleport pipe > cobble pipe> single tank > redstone engine wood pipe > teleport pipe (under 150 meters to) teleport pipe > cobble pipe > tanks. All pipes waterproof, and teleport tether at each location (3 total). Outet side of intermediate station (and its destination) have to be different frequency that source to intermediate station inlet. Receive should "only" be true for pipes that are to receive from a remote teleport pipe.

What I need to try next is whether I can go almost 700 meters at once with intermediate teleport stations less than 150 meters apart. Wireless transmitters (not teleport pipe) supposedly has unlimited range if the receiver chunk is loaded, which with a toggle latch, could start pumps remotely. I found a gusher with huge oil bubble and refined over 250 tanks of fuel, but it is far away from my main base.

And don't hold a pipe in your hand when accessing the teleport pipe gui (your client will crash).

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