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hello and some help


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hiz everyone! (did the "z" on purpose)im new to this forum and new to "tekkit"

you see i could really need a guide through,but here's my first problem

i cant extend to the macerator,electric furnace,etc. keeps blowing up,im kinda using solar panel,MFSU,copper cable,any help?

(and sorry if my grammar is wrong)

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I'd recommend this video :

And the rest of the series to grasp the basic aspects of the pack. For one, I can tell you that the MFSU produces high voltage, which is why your machines explode. Replace it with a batbox for now, and watch some tutorials. ;)

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I would keep that MFSU if I were you, and simply put an LV transformer between your MFSU and your machines so it will output low EU. This way you can store excessive amount of EU in your MFSU and still have plenty to go for your machines that wont explode.

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