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Gold transfer pipes not speeding up items? SMP


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Hey there!

This is just a quick question. I'm playing on a local tekkit/bukkit server and as the title implies, it doesn't seem my gold transfer pipes speed up items coming from quarries at all.

I've tried making the gold pipe section the first pipe from quarry and tried putting it at varying locations throughout the pipe system. I've put several gold pipes back to back. Rebooted the server multiple times.

I think I must be doing something wrong. Is it just that they do not speed things up when being pushed from a quarry?

I'm using the latest recommended build. Technic launcher settings says 3.1.2 | 1.2.5, launcher build


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Hah. Well don't I feel simple now. Thank you very much for your answer!

Don't really want to post another question thread so soon after my last one so maybe you or anyone else noticing this thread can help with an unrelated question.

I was thinking about adding the forestry mod back into tekkit, but it would be added to my existing world, since I don't really want to lose a couple of weeks worth of work and I don't think the other few people playing on it would either.

Is there any way to force the world to regenerate itself with any new blocks that would be added by forestry? Beehives etc.

Thanks again!

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Ah i see. Shame. I suppose I could copy all the buildings and export with worldedit and paste back in, and just re-do all the piping. There isn't a terribly large amount of it. Would probably lose a good 60 tanks of fuel though.

I'll think it over. Might not be worth it for what the mod adds.

Thanks again for all your help Vex.

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Hmm. If a chunks been discovered before, what's in it has been saved somewhere in the world database right? Would that mean that any undiscovered chunks would load based on whatever generation rules are present at the very instant that it loads? That would mean it would add the forestry stuff to any undiscovered land. That wouldn't be so bad at all. There should be a fair amount of undiscovered land not even too far away.

What about the //regen command in worldedit? "Regenerate the selection region." Is a bit vague. Would it reload the selection based on current rules, or just recreate as it was made the first time?


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Yeah lol- btw, be carfull with mystcraft, world generation is quite server heavy, and players are incredibly likely to get stuck there, resulting an incredible ear-rupturing sonic blast of screaming.

Well, that's all I have for ya! Good luck!

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