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Power Teleport Pipes + Teleporter HELP


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Hey everyone, I have spent the entire day building my alchemy item producing lab and my objective of this is to have it far underground and have a teleporter take me to and from it.

I want to achieve this by using Power Teleport Pipes and am having a hell of a time figuring it out, I have spent hours and hours this morning all over the web reading stuff and nothing seems to work so im hoping someone has done this successfully so I can proceed with my server.

My current setup is this HV Solar Array > Glass Fibre Cable > Energy Link > Wooden Conductive Pipe > Golden Conductive Pipe > HV Engine Generator > MFSU (Power Teleport Pipe located on top of the Golden Conductive Pipe)


As you can see it seems to have electricity going through the golden pipe and the MFSU is charging. So that part I hope is correct my issue now lies on trying to recieve that power on the other side into a teleporter, in actuality I need it into 2 teleporters, 1 for the top and 1 for the item lab.

I have tried all sorts of different setups to try and recieve power to my teleporter and nothing has even remotely worked, thus not worthy of me wasting your time posting my methods I have tried.

Hopefully someone out there has accomplished this before and can give me a method that works I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you.

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Does that teleport pipe gui show 2 pipes connected (or even 1, anything other than 0)? And are teleport pipes on receiving end set to Receive: true?

On receiving end, try conductive wood, then conductive stone (somewhere I read that was required), then any conductive pipe. When I tried to go from power teleport pipe to wood right to gold, I don't think it worked.

How far away are the receiving teleport pipes. I think there is 150 block (meter) range limit (in my experience) and the chunks need to be loaded on both ends. Look up "Teleport Tether" and put one of those near each end or to keep a chunk loaded for whatever else needs to operate. I have not tried long distance power yet, but I was able to pump refined fuel 300 meters by putting a relay station in the middle with teleport pipe into a single tank, and then wood out of tank (w/redstone engine) to another teleport pipe (no engine needed for power transmission). I had teleport tethers at all 3 locations (source, relay, end) and used wireless remote to start the flow when I was at the relay station.

PS: You do not even need the generator there. Just put the solar array against a side of the MFSU, glass cable from dot side of MFSU to energy converter, then wood conductive pipe to power teleport pipe. Then you could charge the MFSU at 512 EU/t instead of greatly reduced, plus losses, through energy converter and generator.

PPS: Just tried it with solar charged MFSU to energy converter with just wood conductive pipe from that to teleport pipe, then teleport pipe, wood and then stone conductive pipe to quarry, and it works (waypoint is at power source ~130 meters away). I put a water source in the dig just in case it hits lava. Note that like your image, there is not blue line in the wood pipe connected from energy converter, but it does pass power through to directly connected teleport pipe as evidenced by it coming out this end.


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