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Odd behavior with waypoints?


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Hey all. I run a small Tekkit server for friends, with no changes from the standard pack aside from a few mods disabled (notably EE and compactsolars) and a single Bukkit plugin which does nothing other than preventing Endermen from picking up blocks. The server runs on a different computer than my client.

We're having a curious thing going on with minimap waypoints, and I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. What happens is this: some players, but not all of them, lose their waypoints when they log in for the first time on a given day, but not on subsequent logins afterwards. To be more precise, out of four players, one has this problem every day, one had it once so far but not on other days, one hasn't given me feedback, and I personally have never experienced this issue.

I've searched around on the forum, and found multiple threads detailing how waypoints are lost when Tekkit updates. But here's the thing: there was no updating involved. We only started playing last weekend and there have been no new builds in that time.

The only difference between me and the others that I can come up with is that I am an op (what with needing to administrate the thing) and the others are not. But waypoints should be something that's local to each Tekkit install, and should not have anything to do with server-side settings, so I am confused.

Has any of you ever noticed such a thing?

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i've noticed when i completely remove my .techniclauncher folder and reinstall that i lose my waypoints, so they are stored client-side (as far as i can tell) are they accessing your server based on your IP or a direct hostname(like dyndns) if the local client is associating those waypoints with a specific IP and that changes that would explain it.

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