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Town Spelunking/Taint control


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So i am far enough into the game where i feel it is necessary to go through these towns that are around the world. I was able to make it into one building and find some suff, but the only problem is it feels like m weapons and armour are worthless here. I have a Prometheum sword and full iron armour and the mobs that have shields and swords kill me extremely fast, i havent even been able to kill a single one. Is there a recommended armour/weapon set that would work better in melee battle against these guys?


Also, is there any way to grow the Bloom's that filter away the tainted land? There isnt much of the blooms, i have completed all of the scouting missions and only have a few. Is there a different way to de-taint (if you will) the land?

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1 you do thaumcraft research and you will get access to bloom crafting as well as the more advanced methods of cleaning taint

2 tainted creatures have very high damage, but aren't smart, if you are committed to going melee with them then you will just need better equipment and a full suit of iron won't cut it. Really melee isn't the method I would recommend to fight tainted creatures, personally I don't bother with meele untill mid- late game when I have a full suit of enchanted armor and a weapon with several modifiers. you could resort to a range weapon, or lava/fire, or even luring them into some kind of trap. there is no (RIGHT) way to kill tainted creatures.


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Thaumcraft, Botania will both have ways of creating the Blooms to drive back the taint, though in Thaumcraft that is upgraded to the Dawn totem.


As has been said, dont melee tainted mobs. Avoid them if you can, once you get a better wand with shock they are a bit easier.


Dont bother going into the towns unless your after books to make knowledge scraps (or to steal their smelter).


Best weapon in the game though is probably the singulium crossbow with tartarite/tartarite bolts. If your able to head inot the villages you should have the means of making signulim and tartarite.

(only the limb of the xbow in signlium, stock of thaumium is good, string can be anything)

(making the bolt core fo tartarite will give you 533 ammo count, making the tip tartaarite will give you great damage per hit before modifiers. Just throw moss on the xbow and bolts first up and no need to worry, If you can see the mob and know how to aim you can single hit pretty much anything)

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The only truly dangerous parts about villages is the Guards. That's when you grab that nice Machine Gun request and snipe snipe snipe. Works until you run out of bullets, anyway. And they're not all that expensive either, if you have access to manganese. Also, there are Pure Daisies in the areas of some villages (with mystical flowers!) which are also very valuable.

As for the blooms, you get a couple from every non-biodome scout location you come across. Use cobblestone covers as a form of cheap wall (place them flat on the ground), and your blooms can work entirely on the offensive.

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