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IC2 power counter


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On a certain server, there is a generator building that makes EU for anyone connected to it. But as the upkeep cost is fairly high, i thought of charging the folks who use my power. This worked fine untill many of us realised that its very unaccurate and i have no idea if you used 0 or 100000 EU. So here is my question: can you create a power counter in tekkit? I mean, counts how much EU went through it so this way i could give a more accurate reading of his/her energy consumption.

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It should be pretty easy, actually. You need to install meters at people's bases, just like in real life. Each meter consists of a simple detector cable hooked up to wireless or CC or something. Send them their power, for instance, from two batboxes, but then step it up to extreme voltage for the travel. This will make it so that one pulse maximum is sent about once per second and a half (2048 / (32*2) = 32 ticks). The pulse will make the detector flash and then turn off again, so therefore every flash of the wireless transmitter hooked up or whatever you have = 2048 EUs used. Then price EUs in 2048 increments.

Zalaria's idea is also good, having an ender chest system where you can have filled lapotrons or power crystals teleported to you and you pay for the power + a deposit that you get back when you trade in the crystals. If your customers live nearby, you could even do this with a couple of simple trade-o-mats.

Neither of these ideas is particularly secure, though, and require more or less trusted folks who won't monkey with the machinery. I could come up with a secure system and post it here if you want, but it would be more effort.

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