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Please make electricity teleport trough dimensions!


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Just make a setup with retrievers and filters with Lapatron crystals.

If you don't know what i mean:

Get an MFSU wich will be filled with energy, Get a filter to put EMPTY lapatron crystals in the mfsu and get a retriever to pull out FILLED lapatron crystals. Then pump them in an ender chest and do the same in the overworld but filter full lapatron crystals and retrieve the empty ones

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^what he said, but replace both the filter and the retriever with transposers. There's no reason to go to all the silly effort of having bluetricity in the nether when you can just pull out filled crystals with a much easier, cheaper transposer that only needs a timer.

Then simply use 2 different ender chests, one for empties, one for filled crystals, and no filtering is required.

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Xylord, I believe that yes it CAN work, but the world anchor has nothing to do with it. A certain number of chunks (about a render distance or so?) are kept loaded near the spawn area of every world, even when nobody is there. I don't know if, in the nether, that is 0,0 or the first place a person made a portal.

But machines in that small area should work. World anchors I think don't work, unless somebody is in the dimension, but the perma-loaded chunks still should.

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