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Redpower Frame Airship Help.

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I have a nice 6 way redpower frame on my server to use as the engine. Works fine till i enclose it the make it a room. If I remove the frames connecting it to the room (which is made of frames) it moves. If its connected to the room by frames it refuses to move. Its not blocked by anything and its floating in mid air. I just cant seem to figure out why its not working. Idk if there is a limit on the amount of frames? Maybe that's the cause?img]<img src=img]<img src=

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I apologize about the broken links. These should work instead.


The whole ship has a 2 block travel till is tries to move the whole room.


This is the whole view of the engine itself. It works in all 6 directions. (left, right, forward, reverse, up and down.)


This is the room im trying to move. Im wanting to make an airship around this room. But like I said it wont move the room and nothing is surrounding it at all.

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