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(Updated 10/16) Teaser - 3D Models in Minecraft - Work-In-Progress


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and actually on the lazy thinkers there is a problem too with the do'ers in that they will look for things to improve that they can improve whether or not there is something that has to be fixed or not, thus leaving the hard thinking for another day or someone else, This culminating till we have sloppy coding all over the place from social networks to games, to even OS's. I am a firm believer that this is a big part of the reason that linux is still a second rate OS and that microsoft is still a standard.

**addendum to clarify they will do things that are easy for them to do even if it did not need to be done, to get people to stop paying attention to real problems that they can not see a solution for, and avoid even trying so as not to fail.

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Vertex Buffer Objects now implemented: Insane numbers of polygons on the screen now possible. Even having to work within Minecraft's cruft (which means having to waste a lot of CPU/GPU/bus time on binding and unbinding and rebinding and enabling and disabling and bleh for every single object (item or block) during every single render frame, it's still frickin' fast.

I can now officially state that (provided you have the graphics card to support it), you could have your world looking like pretty much anything. Gargoyles on your castle corners, a tapered base for your fountain (or even a spitting statue), candelabra on your ceiling, you name it.

Thanks to the wonders of OpenGL and VBOs, there is a whole new layer to building and creativity in Minecraft: Up until now, you used blocks to build things. Now, you use things to build blocks!

(Pretty good use of post-dental recovery time, eh?)

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That actually made me bust out laughing. One point to you.

Ur mod sucks, doesnt even add iny new recipes or machins to giv dimonds

:creeper: :creeper: :creeper:

Haha, it will, it will. As a GUI-less mod, it makes extensive use of the crafting system to compose the models to render, the tools to manipulate the rendering, and everything in-between. And that's just the default 2x2/3x3 crafting system, not any new custom one.

In other news, I just finished up code to dynamically allocate buffers as they fill up (both index and vertex), so it uses only a couple megs if you don't import any new models at all, and it uses as much space as it can if you keep importing lots of models. (This means that people with a lot of VRAM can utilize it with many huge models, while people with weaker cards can just stick to small things. Or they can try big things, and enjoy the slowdown as it goes back to using system memory and transmitting the data every render frame. :P)

The item that clears the cache of imported models (in case you change models on the disk while Minecraft is running, and want to reload them) will also purge the buffers, so if you import a bunch of models to try out and then don't end up using them anymore that play session, and want to clear the extra buffers without closing Minecraft, you can use that item.

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