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Odd Teleport Pipe Behavior


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I have been having some trouble with teleport pipes and I really would appreciate some input on this.

I was having some trouble in SMP with energy transport pipes earlier, but I wrote it off as a bad job and just used regular pipes instead, since it was only a few chunks distance.

But today I was trying to set up a very basic teleport system to move stuff from my friends base to mine. I had a basic setup: Chest > Extraction Pipe > Teleport Pipe > Teleport Pipe > Chest.

I could see the items being extracted but they would bounce off the teleport pipe and return to the chest. Since I figure this must be related to what happened to my energy pipes I went onto single player and tried both setups again. They both worked fine.

When I returned to the server the chest had had a stack or so of items removed, and they had been put into the receiving chest. Oddly it seems as if the teleport pipe ONLY works when I am not in the same chunk as it? If I go to the receiving chest I can see items coming in, but if I go to the out-going chest I can see things bouncing back and being returned to the chest.

What gives?

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I noticed this in my setup as well and I concluded that it was just a display issue.

Due to the setup I was using, I could easily see that although it appeared that the items were bouncing off the tp pipe and going back in the chest, they were in fact not actually returning to the chest. I also made sure that they were arriving at the destination okay, so I wouldnt worry about it unless you notice losing items, or not transferring items correctly. :)

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There is an item called chunk loader (Keeps the chunk its placed in loaded), the teleports only work if the chunks they are in are loaded. Try sticking a chunk loader down next to the receiving pipe then standing next to the outgoing pipe and see if it still breaks. Chances are the receiving end is just unloading as you move away from it so there is no where for the items to go.

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You can simply solve this by using another item transport pipe after the second teleport pipe. Here is a small schematic:

chest>extraction pipe>teleport pipe (frequency x)>teleport pipe (frequency x, can recieve: true)>item transport pipe>chest

I hope it helps you with your problem :D!

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