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  1. Before you post a topic "TANIT IN HOUSE WHAT DOO"Let me just say If you taint this village and its not about 500m away from your house... You're Fucked!!!1!!!11 Oh and its almost impossible to get rid of.
  2. In regular youtube fashion. the comments consist of people saying -WAHHH THIS SUCS :(> -Jub sucks wnt crotch buak -why make it eayer for dem modders there ar less of dem dn us -I DON'T WANT GRIAFER ON MY STATCHU OF THE PIG -THIS SUKS iMMA BOYCOT >> -THiS iS JusT for moDDERS No look at it. I'm not going to warn you. Edit:So yes we are screwed from having a feature gutted because of 9-year olds.
  3. Re: Avatar : the Last Airbender Tabletop Had a look at it and it seems quite well thought out although i have never really played and table-top game though. I am interested what your going to do with the air,water,fire,rock mechanic. Can you say what your going to do with that?
  4. Guis dis ight bee a trol nuver o thto Real way to delete account: Uhhhhhh tmi won't work
  5. Re: Is there a version of the technic launcher that.....(doesn't ask him to log in) I've had bad times with me and poop on a stick...took all my "Thing that is out of style". Bloody hipster >:(
  6. Re: Is there a version of the technic launcher that.....(doesn't ask him to log in) I can just see this entire thread turning into a book. The chapter would have to be strung along with string and bubblegum but... Just Think Peppers Booze Long words Psi-Sloth And Ducks Million Bonners Oh and i just devoloped a fear of sloths(And their overlords).Tnx guys
  7. SupaScoot

    Scary noises

    Technic is single player Tekkit is multiplayer The makers could do a better job at showing that
  8. Well it's something.It's not the same as the yogscast makeing a vid about it but its something. I will have to argue the podcast not obscure as they do host a entire convention every year but still probobly my thoughts exsactly. Its something.
  9. But any thoughts? Theres definately not enough coverage of minecraft mods for how good they are. Its not as if the only mods are the "Bomb Throwing Wokie" mod and the"Fart gun" mod.
  10. Terpster from "The Instance" Talked about useing the technic pack in the podcast Here is a link to The Instance WOW podcast:http://theinstance.net/2012/04/271-wave-4-complete/ (it is mentioned inside the show at about 1:02:00) I find this very interesting.How a wow podcast mention the technic pack. It shows how popular the pack is getting to be mention on things that have nothing to do with minecraft gets press.Things like this will help more players get into the minecraft moding scene.Minecraft was also mentioned for its good moding nature. This is also one of the only times that Minecraft moding has had any mention for any reason outside of minecraft related forum/news outlet Disclaimer:I do not surport The Instance podcast and the only reason why i made this is because i thought it was an interest tidbit of infomation If a mod or an admin has any problems with this feel free to take it down and give me a hellen keller
  11. I tell you one thing you need to know about dwarf fortress http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2012:Losing This is "Fun" in dwarf fortress YAY
  12. Just to prove MCforums is terrible... and for anyone who does't want to look at it Guy the world has ened as we knew it.We need to rebuild and remember all our mistakes.I just hope to god that Cheapshot's "Blow-Up The Time"Time bomb works. Edit:ALL CAPS IS A REALLY COOL WAY TO EXPLAIN THINGS GUYS
  13. Well it seems this thread was derailed... heheh because of railcraft... ok i'll go back to not posting now
  14. Damit man.Theres no time.GO ON NEWGROUND Its our only hope.I'll be fine. *look round* My God GOOD TEXTURE PACKS Then i said to linkthegamer "their was no way"
  15. And you know what its worst crime is. No mod surport *Supascoot begins playing the world's smallest violin* WHY
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