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  1. Ore dictionary, you should be able to. But how are you going to go about deleting the steel ore ID?
  2. Have you tried restarting the server? The only two things I can think of are a plugin not working right, and something went wrong when the server started up. And no, without hacking your computer, no one could've hacked that. In which case you probably have bigger problems to worry about than someone in creative. But please don't overreact to this, the chances of that happening are less than a million to one. EDIT: Hm. Someone beat me to it, guess there is some weird hack. I'd call it a bug, but meh.
  3. Also, from what I heard, Quarries stop loading on a server restart, so you might want to use Chunkloaders/some other sort of loader if you restart your server frequently.
  4. That ... should be impossible. Check the file on your server which has all the ops. Also, what plugins do you have? Maybe one just decided to conflict with NEI and make you vulnerable?
  5. It's definitely the cables. Basically, the solar panels keep sending small "packets" of EU down the cable to the Batbox. After so many blocks, some EU gets subtracted from the packet. Higher-voltage cables are more lossy (in total, not in packet size/loss ratio,) so all your EU's getting lost on the way to the Batboxes. Ultra Low-current (Tin) Cables should be able to work just fine, or Copper cables. Though I recommend Tin.
  6. Those still won't be able to transport blocks of, say, water around. Just water in liquid form.
  7. Trust me, even if Eloraam saw this, no one would know until she came out with a way to produce Blutricity from MJ. And no one would know that was about to happen until she releases it. I, personally, think Blutricity is easy enough to produce, and it's unlikely any conversion ratio would make converting MJ into it would be useful.
  8. Question, what will the money be useful for if not items? (And I was about to suggest an economy plugin or industrial credits, but those are rubbish and sell-able.)
  9. If I'm right, without some mad plugins, there's no way to fix it. And I hardly know anything about plugins, especially mad ones.
  10. I believe it works with other chests, too. It's a chunkloading problem AFAIC, not fault of EE2's.
  11. Or a TARDIS. I'd like to bring up MCExpanded. Strikes me as "just another ore mod," but looking at the last couple of pages, given something sort of Inficraft-like ...
  12. Hmm. Assuming the Technic Platform didn't change which modpacks were around, Tekkit Classic is generally more complete but more outdated than Tekkit Lite, Technic is an even more complete Tekkit Classic which is SSP only. Voltz (another techy pack) is totally different set of mods, as is the Yogbox (it seems mostly magic-based?) Hack/Mine is an RPG mod.
  13. My friend had the ground blown out beneath them while they had full Diamond Armour by a Ghast. They fell into lava. Also, *Is playing SimpleOres* *Grabs 4 Onyx* *Sees more Onyx* *Lag spike* *Sees a frame with no ground underneath* (Censored)
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