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Suggestions for regenerating chunks


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So, I have a multiplayer world, with several players running quarries, more or less, all the time. As you can imagine, it's destroying my landscape. Do you have any suggestions for easily reseting some of these areas without wiping the entire map. I just want to target reset a few areas to make them less ugly again.

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Oh hai,

I'm running a 40Slot tekkit server (tekkit.endetgaming.net). We are using the //regen command of worldedit, too. It regenerates the area as is was is most cases. I only got some weird generation near water areas.

Another con of this command is that you should be carefull with any Redpower2 stuff and the Chestmod Chests around the area to regenerate. The regen command clears the ModChests with no way to reroll it. Redpower2 wireing will disappear, too.

This error doesn't seem to be only in the chunks of the regenerated area. I experienced it crosschunk.

So whenever i use the //regen command i ask the player if any RP2 or Modchest blocks are around and tell him about this error.

I don't kow if its just the //regen command or Worldedit in general having issues with those mods. But never saw any similar problems with other worldedit commands.

Best regards



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On a related note, maybe try and encourage your players to set their quarrys up under ground.

10 blocks below the surface is more than enough. You only need clear a small 3x3 for the quarry to be placed and then x2 corridors of from that point to set down your landmarks.

The quarry will then clear it's own operating space and there is no visible sign of anything industrial on the surface leaving the landscape as it was.

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