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Tekkit survival let's play/How to make things - NEW SERIES!


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Hey guys, im CiTyCoD and im here to tell you about a new series i am making, my channel is pretty good, but the videos are underated. By watching my videos you will be able to learn alot of things about the world of tekkit, and make stuff you never knew were there! Please please check me out on YouTube! --> http://www.youtube.c...0U&feature=plcp CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! please send me feedback, i really want to know how to improve on my videos, i'm always open to ideas for my channel! If you like them, please do subscribe and like, and watch my other videos!!

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hey guys, I'm freakachu and I'm here to tell you about the rules you should have already read, they're pretty good, but they are often underread. by reading the rules you will be able to post without getting kellered or banned, and avoid unwanted sarcastic parody posts by moderators! please check them out on the very first section in the index! ---> http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/board-rules-and-guidelines.3918/ CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! please don't send me feedback because none of us care, we really don't want to know what you think of our rules and we will update them as we see fit, we're not open to ideas on our rules! if you follow them, please continue posting and contributing to our community!!

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