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World suddenly crashes when loading


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Hey there,

I've been playing blightfall for a couple of weeks now and I have a pretty nice base build. However, when I tried loading my world recently it just showed ''loading world'' and then crashed. I created another world to test if it was a general crash, but it turns out to be specific to that particular world. I have no idea what the crash report says so please can somebody help me? I find it very sad if all my progress is lost.

Thank you!!


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Turn cheats on (open to LAN -> cheats: on) and do /hqm edit. This gives you a "Quest Book: OP Edition" which allows you to complete quests for free. Hidden quests, like the Paranormalist's mob hunting quests or unlocking The Dark One quest line must still be done manually, however.

EDIT: Use /hqm edit (was originally wrong)

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