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Sorting Machines are jammed...


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My sorting Machines seem to be getting jammed. What am I doing wrong? They should be sending the things stuck in the buffers through the pipes. The sorters seem to only be sending stuff that is in them through to where they go rather than sending the wrong stuff through the purple pipes until they reach their proper sorter or the chest at the end.

The Sorting machine as a whole:

The first sorter with a chest next to it:

The first buffer where things are getting stuck (there is one other buffer with stuff stuck in it:

The sorter immidiatly after the first buffer:

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Ugh, I hate this setup when it comes to the RP2 sorting machine, it's so freaking wasteful.

The buffers aren't needed. The tube should just go straight into the sorting machine. Duncan admitted this in the video where he moved the system into the castle, but it (as of today) hadn't been translated to the main channel's series.

They also came to the realization that the sorters don't take the damage value into consideration when routing, so that sorter with all the weapons in it is a complete waste for nearly all uses.

Read the wiki that dralthi linked and try to figure it out, yourself. Don't just become another mindless drone trying to perform an exact copy of "something cool" that they saw the Yogscast guys make. Do iterative testing, making a small piece at a time and trying to get that to work.

Make sure that you have enough Blutricity in the system. Multiple solar panels connected to the Battery Box, and make sure that it is fully charged.

Notes on what I can see are here

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They do it...

The thing is that they do it right and you do it wrong. If you're not interested in learning how tubes work, at least try to do an exact copy. White-tagged stuff won't go through a purple tube.

Anyway, if all tubes that go up look like the one on the right, replacing all purple tubes with unpainted should do the trick.

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