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No tin in my world


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Hey there again,

I'm beginning to look a little bit stupid with all my problems, but this is a quite important one. I'm pretty far into the game as to the level that I have pretty much every ore found. I now have 2 stacks of copper, but I still haven't found 1 single tin ore. I'm beginning to get the feeling there is something wrong with the tin ore spawning. Or is there something else going on?


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if you literally have mined 128 peices of Copper ore, and have not found a single piece of tin then I would say that you probably have a ore spawn problem. If every thing is work as it basically should then Tin should be roughly about as rare as copper, 

there are other methods of getting tin besides mining.  

MFR laser drill setup will generate ores when supplied with RF power, (white focus should make tin more frequent) (also the only way to get ruby ore)

once you get one piece of tin then it unlocks the request tin from the supplier.

Thaumcraft has a metal transmutation method built into the mod (I've never used this myself)

Cheat yourself in some tin.  (yes it technically cheating but I've had games where certain things didn't spawn and its infuriating to have to restart a map for such a reason.  

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