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[3.1.2] C.F-Tekkit [pvp] [50 slots][open][only 5 banned items]


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website: www.thetekkitcraft.enjin.com

What we offer:

  • bukkit server with plugins being added regularly
  • Friendly staff that help as much as possible
  • Hand-built Spawn
  • only like 5 items is banned, some are restricted but dont worry u can get em by earning money and rankup then u unlock some more stuff and so on until you are top rank. at top only 5 items are banned!
  • 50 slots!
  • 24/7 server!
  • awesome tekkit server smile.png
  • if you miss anything or u know something that can make the server better tell kentbakk or post here!


  • Newbie - When you join the server this shows up
  • Member - when your skill have payed off and you got money you can buy this for 2500 in game dollars then u unlock new items!
  • Advanced - when your starting to sttle in and got some money it costs you 7500$ so start working.
  • Explorer - hey same deal but this one start geting expensive 40000$
  • Senior - your a hard working man and it pays off but its gona cost you 80000$
  • Overseer - dear god, only a one rank left but thi one costs 250000$ but almost no banned items!
  • Overlord - no i wont say dear god, u gota be god when u get this but its expensive and got no banned items ecept the basic 5 that banned for lagg tongue.png it will cost you 400000$

Donner ranks (coming soon)


  • You are not allowed to use hacked client
  • No griefing
  • Respect everyone especially the staff
  • Do not argue with the staff
  • No swearing please
  • Do not ask for stuff

IP: play.CF-Tekkit.com

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This post doesn't meet the min requirements for a server application, and the title isn't complete. Please go re-read the server posting rules and work on it some more.

yer soz i had short time i added some stuff after first post but then i had to go :(

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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