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Problem with frameship

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Hay guys

Recently i decided to start building a frameship on a server. I am quite advanced in tekkit but i didn't really touched that part. The ship was finised and worked for a while but now everbody in the area crashed when i try to move it. I rebuild it in total. Works fine for a while then the same thing happens. I stripped it down to the enigne. Help would be apperciated







default texturpack:







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I once had the same problem - we called it a slenderworm because it only crashes you if you can see it. I'm not certain, but I think it might have something to do with the wireless redstone.

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battle_bas, if it's not an RP2 block, it crashes any client that can render it. Some items are less temperamental then others, but wireless Tx/Rx are up there with ender chests, while vanilla chests may allow a few movements steps before a client crashes. When I encountered this issue with a frame quarry, I had to remove all the wireless receiver blocks, and use bundled cables and colored cables, along with an RP2 computer with I/O, monitor, disk; and then give my quarry a 500 tick wait while I ran away as quick as I could.

You could try the above as a solution, as long as you don't use non-RP2 blocks. You could use a computer, or 6 control levers. The computer would be more compact, while the levers would be more anarchistic.

A cautionary note, these are just my observations, and may not apply to you.

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If you use wireless, do not connect it to any wires. Use two separate receivers, one for each motor, instead. Should fix your problem.

Something about the wireless tile entities and the way it animated a wire connecting to them makes the client crash cause it doesn't know how to draw it while stuff is moving.

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