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What version is Tekkit's Bukkit?

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Alright, I'm probably being incredibly thick right now, but I can't figure out how to ask a question on the Technic Questions site, and I can't figure this out either.

What Bukkit version is the Tekkit server for the purpose of installing Bukkit plugins? I've looked through the Tekkit folder, the Tekkit page on this site, AND Technic Questions, and still no answer. Why isn't this information on the same page where it tells you you can install Bukkit plugins?

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Don't always have to be for 1.2.5, just have to be supported.

Anyways they using the mcports custom build of bukkit /forge and such implemented and their version ( I believe) is

https://github.com/downloads/MinecraftPortCentral/CraftBukkit/craftbukkit-1.2.5-R5.0-MCPC-SNAPSHOT-182.jar <-- this one, I tend to use CB++ myself, so I couldn't really say for sure.

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