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I edit the launcher with the source in https://github.com/TechnicPack/Spoutcraft-Launcher for made it download another modpack by changing the URL http://mirror.technicpack.net/Technic/ in the source to http://localhost/Technic/ but when I use mi edited files it says "Failed to Update" (yes, I have Apache in mine PC)

It works only when I use the original folder of https://github.com/TechnicPack/Technic

Can anyone help me?

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I believe there are manifest files (that's probably not what they're named though) on the Technic download server, with (if they're smart, which I'm assuming they are) MD5 checksums of each mod's download in addition to its location. If all you did was copy the Technic mirror to your PC, you'll probably have to change those manifests. They're likely YML files.

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