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Some EE items cannot be made!

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I recently made a server through a hosting service. My main problem is that some Equivalent Exchange items cannot be made or spawned :( Whenever I try to spawn an EE item with a GUI a message appears saying 'Item 3457 does not exist' (whatever item ID should be). When the same items try to be made item 'unnamed' is made instead.

Please tell me how to fix this!

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Try actually crafting them. If you are able to craft them, then the problem is probably that NEI or whatever spawning program you are using has the incorrect item ID's on file, compared to what the server has on file. And you would need to either change the IDs in the EE config, or do an NEI dump to re-match up the item IDs again.

If you can't even craft them, then check and make sure that the items are not disabled on the EE config.

If they are enabled AND you can't even craft them, then I don't know what to tell you.

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No that's really weird. If they were disabled, then it should just act like the recipe doesn't exist (as if you just threw in a bunch of bricks and string on the crafting table or whatever). Giving you an item named "unnamed" is bizarre...

Have you tried just backing up your world and reinstalling tekkit (or I guess having them do it)?

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