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Balkon Weapons Repair with Dust


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Is there any way to add the weapons from Balkon's Weapon mod to the list of repair recipes? I prefer to use things like a spear because it fits my Minecraft skin better, but if I can't repair it, then I'd be better off with a sword. I run my own server for my friend and I so I will, of course, need a bukkit version. Probably will need a client mod too, considering how I've found mods to usually work.

EDIT: Actually CustomEMC seems to allow the creation of custom repair recipes as well as allowing the addition of EMC values to mods not recognized by EE. I'm going to test it out, but if it works, I will post that here as well.

EDIT2: So far it is simple to code the weapons into the .cfg file. I have added most of the items from Balkon, now I'm just going through adding items from other mods that didn't receive EMC values.

EDIT3: CustomEMC works very well it seems. Make sure you set it up right though. One misplaced space will screw up the addition. Never mind.... For some reason it won't let the covalence dust recipe do what it's told.....

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I don't think so unless you find a plugin or something to add in recipes, but the Talisman Of Repair should work.

I haven't gotten a chance to test the Talisman of Repair yet since I'm still fairly early in this world, but what I'm really wanting is to use Covalence dust so I can repair on the go.

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I have a musket with bayonet and it automatically repairs when placed in alchemy bag with Talisman of Repair, so I imagine Covalence dust in your personal inventory should repair it just before it breaks. That bag also refreshes diamond blade saws, etc. It will not charge electrical tools though.

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