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Red Matter Furnaces - Output jamming when supplied input


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I have a gigantic factory which relies on RM Furnaces.

They create refined iron (mostly). When I supply infinite iron, over time, the RM furnaces jam because the pipes manage to shove the iron into all the output slots of the furnaces in the split second it runs out of refined iron in the output (I pipe it out in stacks of 64, and this shoving into the output slots includes the singele output slot where smelted items are placed initially).

Just to recap: Condensers with loads of iron, filter pumps out 64 at a time, into RM furnaces, pumps 64 refined iron out, all on timers, eventually the RM furnace fills absoltuely every slot in it with unrefined iron, causing it to stop smelting due to having nowhere to place refined iron at all.

How can I get around this? =/

Please state if you have tested the solutions you propose. :)

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The solution is to use induction furnaces.

RM furnace is crap for factories, since it does not distinguish input from output.

UNLESS you pull out smelted bars SLOWER than it can replace them. E.g. use a transposer not a filter, and make the timer slower than one smelt.

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It is generally easier to just use an IC2 furnace, if you are capable of making a large autocrafting system to make solar panels then power should not be an issue.

To actually answer you question.

The foolproof way to do this is to use a item detector.

Have the filter pump 32 iron from the condenser to the RM furnace when it receives a pulse.

Have a filter attached to a timer pumping 32 refined iron out of the RM furnace.

Have one length of tube and then an item detector in stack mode.

Have a wire from the detector to the first filter.

Every time 32 refined iron comes out, another 32 iron goes in, no chance of overflow.

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