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IC2 Crops

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With the current version of Tekkit is there any way to automate the agriculture part of ic2? in particular i'm trying to auto feed in weed-x,hydration cells, and fertilizer. I've done search's for this and came up with crop-motron thing has a bug in ic2 1.97 or whatever version where running. My question to you is if any of you know how to set up a "passable" auto feeder for the crop-motron and any way that you can set up a auto harvister.

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The crop matron works just fine. You can even get around the item slot bug by simply building 3 crop matrons, one for each kind of chemical (though I recommend not using weed-ex at all, makes it harder to get good stats)

There is, however, no way of autoharvesting IC2 crops. They would almost definitely be overpowered if there was a way to do this. And unlike EE, which takes every opportunity to unbalance itself possible, IC2 actually tries to stay somewhat reasonable, so they disabled auto harvesting on purpose (otherwise you could get infinite renewable iron while offline, etc.)

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