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[3.1.2] TechGalaxy Gaming [24/7] [PvP PvE] [80+slots] [Towny, Logblock, LWC, MCmmo, Jobs]


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Server IP: TGTekkit.dyndns.org


The server was constructed around the slight lore of "The Paragon Crystal". A ancient crystal that formed the land and has wrought its fire destruction once before. From the ashes a new world emerged. but empty, devoid of life, ...a void. ...land develops water emerges and with it plants, monsters and animals. unknown architects build great fortresses and mines to sustain them but for unknown reasons vanish without a trace... in the midst of the decaying civilizations of this world a portal appears... The last inhabitants of a lost world fleeing to an unknown location finding it... and begin to build.. glorious things.. floating cities, monuments, forts, holds, and keeps... civilizations... and begin to delve into the lost fortresses and mines reclaiming them once more for a new and better world... one of creativity, freedom and exploration.

With a ever expanding map of glorious mountain ranges, scorching deserts and frigid snow capped mountains, The world is yours to explore, build and conquer.











All towns are owned, run and constructed by the player themselves. They are fully protected from outsiders and also protect against Player Killing, however, one feature that the server offers is war. Step outside of your city and you are open to bandits and pillagers.

War is always a time of strife but is a necessary fact of life to proceed and make your town a nation to fear and rule over the lands.

PVP is allowed in open areas (wilderness) and arenas. Towns are were you are most safe. If you do not want to PVP simply toggle PVP off /togglepvp, it will then freeze you for 30seconds and then you are safe until you log off.

Antigriefing rules still apply


No world is complete with out a mathematically focused economy. With electronic funds for say keeping and easy access you will always have your money.

With a fully stocked and always open store you can easily find what you are looking for and stock up.

Don't have enough money? Now worries. The server has a job plugin, with jobs ranging from miners and builders to farmers and hunters. There is a job for everyone with promotions for you to gain more money.


On TechGalaxy we reward our donators generously. We have packages that range from just a basic pack from $5 a month to a very generous $15. All packages include access to a full creative world where you are free to make what ever you want (*), for tier to and tier 3 you will have access to a highly concentrated ore rich mining complex that is reset weekly/monthly. Full list of perks are located on the website and forums



We have all seen servers with power hungry mods that do not obey the server rules, haven't we? Not here. The staff on TG all have previous server experience and have all been on the server for extended periods of time. All the staff are chosen by the knowledge they have, the experience they have and most of all the people skills they have. The server owner is constantly reviewing his staff members and is always keeping a eye on them to make sure they are treating all players with fair and just treatment.

Our website contains everything you need to know about TechGalaxy. It also offers active forums for the players to sink their teeth into and get to know other members. The website is also the hub for all latest news and events.


24/7 up-time

80+ slots

7gb ssd

6gb ram

Bukkit Based Tekkit 3.1.2



1) No griefing*

2) No client hacks or mods*.

3) Do not argue with, lie to or otherwise disrespect staff members. You’re free to have a discussion and debate with the staff, but being rude or bothersome will not be tolerated.

4) No offensive behavior*, swearing, talking in all caps, skins or usernames.

5) World PvP is allowed.

6) Do not ask staff members to give you anything.

7) Do not engage in exploitative behavior/NO EMC MACHINES!

8) Do not engage in general misbehavior.

9) Don’t hide behind the rules.

10) Do not advertise other servers, or advertise our server to others without consent.

*Abyss Helmet

*Anchor Cart

*Black Hole Band

*Block Breaker


*Catalytic Lens

*Collectors (Donator only)

*Destruction Catalyst

*Disk Drive

*Ender Chest

*Evertide Amulet

*Gravity Greaves

*Hurricane Boots

*Hyperkinetic Lens

*Infernal Armour

*Mining lasers

*Mercurial Eye

*Nova Cataclysm

*Nova Catalyst


*Project Table

*Red Matter Armour (Donator only)

*Red Matter tools (Donator only)

*Ring of Arcana

*Ring of Ignition

*Red Matter Furnace

*Swift rings

*Teleport Tether


*TNT Cart

*Void Ring

*Vulcanite Amulet

*Watch of Flowing Time

*World Anchor

*Zero Ring


Brand new custom made map by none other than our resident architect and moderator ArchonofFate.

Feature sweeping mountains, cave systems beyond your wildest dreams and continents that spread seemingly on and on.

We also featuring 3 new worlds

Ayram Alusing


A floating Island world based of the floating islands from Avatar.

The Cave world of Waitomo


The mining world of Galatron


A mostly flat land starting at level 200 so you have more mining ground available

We are also pleased to bring you two new plugins to the server,

TekkitControl, Which is a costume made plugin by our new resident developer TarisAnderion.

This plugin fixes alot of problems between tekkit and bukkit plugins,

We are now able to have guns unbanned and allow turtles.

Skyblock, The extremely well known survival based map is now brought to TG in a multiplayer based system. Work alone or as a team the choice is yours


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Well I actually created an account just to praise this server. I'm not staff being forced to give it a good review ; ) I am just an average player being forced to give a good review ;) but in all seriousness this review is legitimate. I have loved my time on this server so much and hope all of you will see this thread and try it out. Some may not like it but it does a great job monitoring the players without being nosy. They happen to have one of the smallest banned item lists for a public server and do a great job making sure nothing is put there unless its for donators or grievers. Some of you (very little) may not like the way the server is but i can assure you most will as it has Survival Games and War-zones but makes sure those who don't want PvP can toggle it off each time they login. PvP isn't just limited to War-zones either as the wilderness seems to be where i spend most of my time >:). It has a variety of plugins and the server never lags unless are host is having issues which isn't very often at all. Well I cant say much more than the original thread already does so I'll let you decide if you will give this a try.

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Hello peeplz. I have been on this server so long, and I have to say this tekkit advancement is probably the best yet. I still remember the first world. Exciting but I was poor. 2nd world: I was rich and powerful and a donater but it got boring doing the same stuff every day. Tekkit World: Really epic and awesome spawn, my donated expired but I have dark matter tools, so i am still rich. So far this tekkit is the awesomest yet. My only concern is that I am really really really laggy and crash a lot. It would help if you added more ram? thx deimos this server is the best :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Hello peeplz. I have been on this server so long, and I have to say this tekkit advancement is probably the best yet. I still remember the first world. Exciting but I was poor. 2nd world: I was rich and powerful and a donater but it got boring doing the same stuff every day. Tekkit World: Really epic and awesome spawn, my donated expired but I have dark matter tools, so i am still rich. So far this tekkit is the awesomest yet Thx deimos this server is the best :D
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This is probably the best server I have ever played on. I have been with this server from the very first day, not as a staff member, but as a player. I have been on a bunch of servers both Vanilla and Tekkit and this is the only one that has been able to keep me playing for so long, over a year now. The staff are amazing and friendly, but also just and stick to the rules and the community is equally as friendly and inviting. I have made so many friends on this server and love seeing knew people join the server to the chorus of "Welcomes" they get from the players online. I feel that in order for me to stay on a server my first impression of it is everything and the friendliness I see in the players as well as the builds they have created in survival show the dedication they have and the community within the server. And you'll never get bored, between the things that Tekkit provides itself and the many games in the Warzones and Survival Games I have never had nothing to do. So come on! Join us at Tech Galaxy! I want to be one of the first to greet you and welcome you to the Tech Galaxy Community!

These are just some builds that groups worked together to build or are working on building right now:



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Hey guys! I've never been much for online play, but this is by far the best server I've ever played on. I'm not saying all this because someone told me to, but because I want to. This server is worth your time to get onto. You will meet great people, experience tremendous creativity spikes and nurture relationships with lots of people. I have made friends on this server and I would be foolish to quit this server for any reason whatsoever. The administrators are always kind, helpful, and actually care about you as a person. There is virtually no lag, and the buildings are fantastic! I would be honored if all reading this came onto the server and played alongside me, and it is my dearest hope that we can keep expanding our player base. I can't hope to come close to what Guis said, (see above) but all I can say is welcome!

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This server is by far best I have ever been on, it is a honor to even play on it. It is just wonderful the admins are wonderful the mods are wonderful the players are wonderful what ever ect might be it will be wonderful. I have friends on it and like pan sayed I would be foolish to leave. Honestly this server is like my life. We would be glad to welcome you your friends your friends friend and every single little soul who would like to join. We do have epic players and we do have epic builds but the best part is just being on the server it's self. We would kindly greet you and well just Welcome to TG

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I have been on this server at the beginning of the year and have loved every moment of it. On other servers, you see places which has been griefed, staff abusing their powers and but of course, a non friendly community. But TechGalaxy has non of these, Griefers are always dealt with, the staff NEVER abuse their powers and the community is just amazing. There have been many changes since i have joined this server, Good ones. Sometimes small, sometimes big. For instance, the biggest change so far is transferring from Vanilla to Tekkit. At the end of the day, TechGalaxy holds alot more then other servers. We would be very happy if you were to atleast check out the server, maybe stay with us? Thanks for taking your time to read this, And hopefully we shall meet on the server. :)

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