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[3.1.2] TechGalaxy Gaming [24/7] [PvP PvE] [80+slots] [Towny, Logblock, LWC, MCmmo, Jobs]


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i've been playing on the server over a month now, its actually my first tekkit server i really play; and i just have to say, its awesome. I've been visiting some other servers, but i never played longer than 5 mins.

On this server i logged in, and i was really amazed by the spawn. I had massive laggs because i'm playing on a Toaster ( © by blobb xD) ; but i found my way out to the wilderness, and started to mine.

I was very poor because i didnt know /kits exsists!

Well, i found a lot of stuff, some dungeons and made a base inside a cave.

I had no luck and have not found a single diamond. I asked if someone wants to trade, and i got 5 diamonds for free from him. (at this point i had no idea about voting and stuff)

That was very cool from him/her. I cant remember the name, but if u read this, you are awesome, thank u!

After some time i got griefed because i had no idea about towny. But the staff helped me a lot, and i got most of my stuff back. (btw blobb if u read that i still have the 2 diamond anitcovers u gave me :D they always remind me of the starting time)

Then i moved to a town, DomumSicarius, were i started to get into the tekkit stuff. i made my first Nano Armor, a pumpkin farm xD, learned how BC piepes work, and made my first Solar Panels :)

But i always wanted to have a big Castle on a hill :D

So i decided to leave Domum, and seach a good spot. With the help of Dynmap i found one. I build but forgot about the Towny thing.

Well, the shape of the tower was there and i made /t new GreatFalls. "Too close to an other town".

Yeah so i made friends with the nearby town, CabineSide, and altaza was so nice, so he deleted his town and came to my castle.

Now i have a few more people in my town, im working on a factory now, and since this month i'm a donator too.

I met many nice people on this server, and I'll nerver think about leaving it.

Well thats my story, and i just want to tell everyone: Try it, you'll see its great. And if u want, donate. Its worth it, its great

Here are some pictures of my castle, its small but im expanding xD and the hill is full with machines, and flats :)


See u on the server!



Sry for the misstakes :/

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This server has surely been worth my time and i have come to know, many other players will agree. The server has been nothing but welcoming to any and all new members and continues to help others throughout their stay. Our servers community is great with very little banned items list for any kind of public server ( ofc it is because this server is da bomb ;) ). Any player will agree that all rules are fair. The server itself has many players that build many great things in many strange, and great ways. If you're new to tekkit most of our staff and or players will help you get started. Once again there is no way a player would disagree with what ive said and if you're reading this post and if you are new. Come on Down to TechGalaxy.

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Hello all, I would like to tell you about a glorious server called "TechGalaxy"

This server is one of, if the not the best, server out there in minecraft and tekkit alike

Even though some items are banned that some disagree with, it is only for the safety and prosperity of the server.

With its amazing staff and friendly community, this server shows open arms to all who wish to join. No matter what age, this server is open to you.

With it's staff always having a watchful eye over griefers, you don't ever have t worry about losing your belongings.

I joined this server not too long ago, and since the moment i joined, everyone has showed me friendship and respect. Once you join, anyone can invite you to join a town or even a nation which can lead to great fun.

If this sounds like a server for you, then come join us at TechGalaxy where your always welcome!

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Brand new custom made map by none other than our resident architect and moderator ArchonofFate.

Feature sweeping mountains, cave systems beyond your wildest dreams and continents that spread seemingly on and on.

We also featuring 3 new worlds

Ayram Alusing


A floating Island world based of the floating islands from Avatar.

The Cave world of Waitomo


The mining world of Galatron


A mostly flat land starting at level 200 so you have more mining ground available

We are also pleased to bring you two new plugins to the server,

TekkitControl, Which is a costume made plugin by our new resident developer TarisAnderion.

This plugin fixes alot of problems between tekkit and bukkit plugins,

We are now able to have guns unbanned and allow turtles.

Skyblock, The extremely well known survival based map is now brought to TG in a multiplayer based system. Work alone or as a team the choice is yours

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