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  1. lol what a troll reported me XD might be a 7 yr old, yo kid get off the forums bitch
  2. YOU might be mistakened, HAS a forums dumb ass its sherlocks
  3. hmm, niger also means friend in slang and there is no other definition, just like bitch, it means a female dog i dont see anything wrong with it
  4. no one needs to explain to you what a staff is, in that case everyone will need to explain to a newby to you 100 times,thats why there is google sherlocks
  5. lol so apx everyone is allowed to do accidents except me? also everyone is allowed to curse and say lies except me? this is messed up dude
  6. XD so much people complaining lol, and somesimple its ok you dont have to rage, just like on the server, apx cant u see how someismple is raging now, well this is exacly how he was on the server but alot worse, he just told u some lies and bam, this shet got brought up, he also said some lies to me, like admins are allowed to curse
  7. also guys, i told this to the creator of the modpack and he said this will be fixed in the next update :D
  8. also guys, i told this to the creator of the modpack and he said this will be fixed in the next update :D
  9. I looked into that, more than 60% of it is not completed how is that "by large"?
  10. Thats another type of steel, just like in Tekkit there is 3 different wrenches, and each one does different things, and its the same here with steel, also we need refined steel, not normal steel
  11. you need to macerate obsidian with a crusher, but the problem is the only way to get a crusher is through hacks, because to get refined steel you need a machine but to make that machine you need refined steel... its a bug but if our playing on single player just spawn urself 32 refined steel and your good to go
  12. Hello, i would like to test it out, Skype: rowow11 IGN: rowow Please send me a PM of the ip also in the kits for servers you should add at least 32 refined steel, because to make refined steel you need a enrichment chamber, which needs refined steel to make it its a bug but theres no way to get refined steel legit without any kits/hacks
  13. oops sorry also i forgot to say i have skype: rowow11